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Rising Stars is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit offering equine therapeutic riding and equine assisted therapy to children and adults with disabilities throughout southcentral Idaho.  All donations are 100% tax deductible and our Federal ID number is 27-1255281

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IMAGINE your child who has had to fight for every tiny piece of normalcy life might have to offer: the child who struggles to crawl to the corner of the room where everyone else is playing, only to have them all move to a different location soon after; the child who hasn't been able to master pedaling the tricycle, or running across the lawn;  the child who can't remain in the classroom with his peers because he has difficulty controlling his temper; the child who struggles to convey his feelings because he hasn't mastered verbal communication.  Imagine that just one time a week, envious siblings and peers watch him as he climbs on top of the horse and forgets about all the things he can't do as he learns to communicate with the horse, forgets about the painful agony of having his legs stretched because he is doing it without even realizing it, and learns to control muscles and emotions he didn't realize he had.  All of these things, plus many more are recognized benefits of Equine Assisted Activities including hippotherapy and therapeutic riding.

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View our Wishlist for items that we are looking for that you may have and are willing to donate. We don't mind used items just need to be functionable. 

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Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center provides both hippotherapy and therapeutic riding. Hippotherapy is therapy conducted on horseback by a licensed, speech, physical, or occupational therapist. It utilizes the same goals set for patients in the clinic but challenges them further by employing the 3-dimensional movement of the horse. Therapeutic riding is conducted individually or in a small group session by a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. These sessions focus on increasing individual riding skills while gaining a wide range of therapeutic Benefits. 

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