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In August 2017 Rising Stars was able to finally purchase our own property. After 8 years of renting a facility during the summer, we had the chance to finally get our own place. It was 20 acres with two homes, and a TON of work. The weeds and debris were overwhelming to some and many people asked "HOW" can it be done. Many man hours later we had our caretaker and his family move into the back house that fall. We continued to have major clean up projects and started building up for the outdoor arena. In Summer of 2018 we opened up for our first summer session at the new location. 

We continued to raise funds in hopes of having enough to build an indoor arena. In September of 2018 we held our first "Dinner with the Stars". That year we were blessed with a very generous grant that helped to build our indoor arena. In August 2019 we broke ground. By October it was complete. We closed in the 40 ft opening in the side to help seal it. We then were able to hold our first ever winter session in January of 2020. We were able to break ground in June 2020 to build our new Therapy/Office Building. This brings on bigger therapy rooms, offices for our administrative staff, a small kitchenette, a viewing area for families to wait in, and bathrooms with running water. This has been a long time coming and we are so very excited to continue to develop and move forward. 

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