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Donations and Sponsorship

The Rising Stars program is an Idaho 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation with the federal tax ID # 27-1255281.

We rely heavily on volunteers, grants, and donations to make the program accessible and affordable to all those in need.  We accept sponsorships and donations in a number of ways.  The following list includes just a few of the options, but we will certainly consider all possibilities!  Contact us for more information or for suggestions!

"Kindness is a magical spell - performed by enlightened beings - meant to enchant hearts and lift weary souls that they might fly. "

 Richelle E. Goodrich

How you can help


In Kind Goods or Services

With our facility and all that goes with owning 20 acres, our "Wish List" has taken on a life of its own. Links are provided to help guide you in showing what we are looking for, but DO NOT have to be purchased from those locations.
Check out our Wishlist There are lots of items we can use, and you might just have what we need! Call us with anything you may think we could use! 208-751-0557


Management & Execution

Make a donation of any amount, or choose to be a sponsor of one of our events.  Watch our website and Facebook for all of our fundraisers and events that you can support. 

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Sponsor a Therapeutic Riding Participant

It costs about $400/rider to provide therapeutic riding for a 10-week session.  Currently only about $100 of that amount is passed on to the rider, the remainder is covered through program donations, grants, and fundraising.  Your donation of $400 will sponsor one rider for a 10-week session.

Sponsor a Hippotherapy Participant

It costs about $850 per client to provide equine assisted therapy for a 10-week session.  This covers the cost of the therapist as well as the program associated fees.  Because we are currently unable to get insurance to reimburse for hippotherapy sessions, the therapist related fees are being passed on to patients.  Your donation of $850 will sponsor one hippotherapy participant for a 10-week session.


Sponsor a Horse

Food maintenance, farrier services, body work and vet care for our amazing horses are one of our biggest expenses.  We have to take good care of these special partners because we can't do our jobs without them.   

   Yearly Sponsorship: $2500
   Half year sponsorship:  $1750        
   Quarter year sponsorship:  $625



Planned Giving

Create a gift in your estate plan.  By leaving Rising Stars in your will, you will continue to support equine assisted activities in South Central Idaho for years to come.


Qualified Charitable Distribution

If you're over the age of 70 1/2, you could qualify for a tax free charitable donation directly from your IRA account.  This transaction is called a qualified charitable distribution.  If you are interested in this type of giving strategy your financial representative or custodian of your IRA account can help you.  For more information ask your financial representative.

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Matching Corporate Giving

Does your employer have a company match program?  If so, you can increase your giving power by combining with your companies match program. Check with your employer to see if they offer this.



Make a donation in lieu of flowers in honor or memory of somebody special.
If you have a hard to shop for person giving the gift of a donation in their name is a great idea. Many people would love to know they had a donation made in their name for a birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, and any other perfect holiday. 

Follow this LINK to make a donation in someone's honor. Please declare who it is honor of in designated area. 


                       Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center is making the following opportunities available for those wishing to                               honor special people, animals or events in their lives.  Gifts to Rising Stars may be tax deductible and will                                  provide financial support to the Rising Stars Ranch. All signage will be agreed upon by donor and Ranch Executive. Please call the office or email to discuss your options. 

Park Pavers – Plaque Recognition    6 x 12 - $250       9 x 12 - $500       12 x 12 - $1,000

Park Bench – Plaque Recognition     Single Recognition - $1,000           Shared Recognition - $500

Park Trees – Plaque Recognition       Landscape Tree (purchased, planted, maintained by the Ranch) - $1,500

Flower Boxes – Plaque Recognition  Single Recognition - $500             Shared Recognition (2) $250

Picnic Tables – Plaque Recognition   Single Recognition - $500            Shared Recognition (2) $250

Gazebo – Recognition - (Design and construction date to be determined.)

                Single Recognition - $5,000   Shared Recognition - $500 - $1,000 (Design to be determined)

Fire Pit – Recognition – (Design and construction date to be determined.)

                Single Recognition - $5,000     Shared Recognition - $500 - $1,000 (Design to be determined)

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