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"The heart of a volunteer is never measured in size, but by the depth of the
commitment to make a difference in the lives of others."
DeAnn Hollis

Volunteer... And Make  A Difference In Your Life and Others

Ready to make a big difference in the life of others while working with children, adults, and horses in a ranch setting? Volunteering at Rising Stars will provide that! We take all skill levels. You will find your heart filled and assist in providing a valuable service to others. Join us and be the change the world needs.

Orientation and
 Side-Walker Training's

Look back for future Dates

You can call 208-751-0557 to see if we have any openings now. 

New volunteers are required to attend one of these sessions or get your name on the list for a make-up session. Any returning volunteers that have attended one of these trainings are encouraged to attend.

If you would like to volunteer and cannot attend any of the scheduled trainings, please contact the office. 

Feel Free to read through our handbook in advance.

 Handler Training

Look back for Future Dates

Please RSVP 208-751-0557

All new volunteers interested in being a horse handler MUST attend one of these trainings. Horse handlers are required to pass a certification before they can handle horses with participants. Certification will take place after each training or can be scheduled on an individual basis.
Returning volunteers must still complete the handler certification. 

Volunteer Forms

All volunteers must complete paperwork each year. It all expires the 31st of December. If you are a minor, a parent/guardian must sign your paperwork. If you are coming to a training please print out the form below and have it filled out and ready. If you do not have a printer or the ability to print we will have copies at the trainings. Please come early to accommodate filling them out.

Any volunteer on the premises has to complete paperwork and a background check even if you will not be in the presence of a participant.

What to Bring to Training

*Paperwork Signed and ready, If you do not have a printer we will have blank copies available that day. 

*Appropriate attire (closed toed shoes)

*information for paperwork if needing to fill out on premises. 

*Any and all questions you may have.

Current Volunteer Jobs Include:

 * Working as side walkers, horse handlers, groomers, and arena assistants with participants 
*Coordinating and assisting with fundraising events

* Cooperative program help
Coordinating volunteers
*Performing office tasks

*Cleaning office building
*Cleaning up grounds and maintenance
**· and much more….

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What Should You Do?

If you wish to volunteer for any of these jobs, or if you have a special skill you would like to offer, call/email


Marni at 208-404-2418

Office at 208-751-0557


Background Checks

We require background checks for all volunteers that are 18 and older.  These can be completed online by following the link below.  If you are not able to complete on your own at home, we will be set up at volunteer training, or you can schedule a time to come to the office for staff to assist you in completing the process. Background Checks need to be completed once every 3 years. The cost is $7.  If you are unable to pay this amount it will be billed to Rising Stars.  

2022 Ranch Patron Volunteers
(100+ hours of service)

Gina Carney     

Stephanie Carter       

Sue Davis                  Chris Dickard          

Jerry Dickard   

Kaela Dickard        

Denice Fahrenwald

Jill Fleming

Rodney Sorenson

Susan Sorenson

Stormy Thompson

Jenn Tompkins

Mark Tompkins

Jewel Vieu

Shanna Wtzstein

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