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Participant information

"Focus not on the differences of people with disabilities,

but the talent of the individual."
Neil Milliken

Therapeutic Riding

2023 Schedule Dates

Winter Session: Jan 9th – March 3rd $80/session 

Spring Session:  March 27th – May 12th $70/session 

Summer Session:  June 5th – Aug 25th $120/session 

Fall Session: Sept 25th -Nov. 17th $80/session 


Equine Facilitated Learning

2023 Dates to be Announced

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Paperwork Information

Therapeutic Riding and Equine Facilitated Learning will need new paperwork each year. All participants must have a Physician's Assessment done yearly. If you have not confirmed your schedule, please do not fill out paperwork so that it does not expire.

Hippotherapy will be scheduled through the cooperating office, currently Primary Therapy Source. Please contact them for availability.  208.734.7333

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Summer 2023-- June 5th- Aug 25th

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