"Focus not on the differences of people with disabilities,

but the talent of the individual."
Neil Milliken

Our Work Process

Therapeutic Riding

For sessions in 2021 we are going to be doing a few things differently. We are going to for the first time have four sessions throughout the year. We will have a winter, spring, summer, and fall session. It's going to be FUN!  If you are a returning participant please fill out the returning participant packet. If you have not had a recent physicians form done please fill out the New Participant packet.  If you would like to get yourself or your child on our wait list please contact the office or Marni to. Our Wait list can take up to a  year to fulfill if not longer. It is dependent on many aspects of our program: scheduling, what instructors are available, horse availability, volunteers and many other factors that we consider. If you would like to discuss these factors more please contact us. Please be patient with us in getting worked into the program.


Therapeutic Riding Forms and Sessions

Winter Session $80: 8 weeks Jan 11th-Mar 5th  

Spring Session $70: 7 weeks Mar 29th- May 14th

Summer Session $120: 10-12 weeks

Jun 7- Aug 13th or 27th 

Fall Session $100: 8-10 weeks Sept 20-Nov 19



Hippotherapy takes place during the summer months currently. We will begin our 2021 Summer session the week of June 7th. Hippotherapy sessions will be scheduled through the cooperating therapy clinics.  Please talk with them about being included on the hippotherapy schedule.  Hippotherapy packets can be downloaded at link found below Or get them through your cooperating therapy clinic. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.


Hippotherapy Packets