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2021 Donors

We would like to Thank our 2021 donors
we would not be here without you

Don and Dorothy Acheson


Karen Ambrose

Amazon Smile Donations

American Real Estate & Appraisal

Marvin and Linda Anderson

Ataraxis/Harris CPAs

Becky Bailey

Bill and Jeanette Baker

Mary Baldwin

Becky and Chris Barth

Judi Baxter

Larry Baxter

Rev. John Beake

Steve and Melody Beck

Charles and Gail Behrle

Mike and Diane Beitz

Saundra Bell

Tom and Jeannie Billington

Dean and Debbie Bingham

Jacob and Gayla Blom

Gary Bond and Jan Hall

Mark and Rhonda Breske

Tom & Constance Brezinski

Verlyn and Kathleen Broek

Race and Lori Brown

Ken and Kris Burgermeister

George and Betty Burgess

Elizabeth Burleson

Tyler and Stephanie Caine

          TLC Rain Gutters

Jim & Heidi Calhoun

Richard and Gina Carney

Dan and Becky Carter

Bill & Sue Carver

Craig and Anna Casperson

Max and Charlene Casperson

Jill Chestnut

Kirk and Bev Claiborn

Clear Lakes Country Club

Lance and Dee Dee Clow

Charles and Carolyn Coiner

Daetha Cook

Lindsey Cooke

Helen Cutler

Elbert and Sue Davis

Fred and Neta Decker

Jerry and Chris Dickard

Shane and Melissa Dickard

DL Evans Bank

Tim and Paula Dodd

Tim and Lisa Dolcini

Brian and Lori Donaldson

Georgia Durbin

Eastland Chiropractic

Curtis and Mardo Eaton

Violet and James Eaton

Jim and Melissa Eisenhower

Fred and Alice Elwood

Butch and Denice Fahrenwald

Farmers National Bank

Shannon Fassett

Gary and Kim Ferguson

Donald Fidler

First Federal Foundation

Lawrence and Tina Flournoy

Gary & Rosemary Fornshell

Richard and Janis Frey

Allan and Fran Frost

Carol Frost

Don and Dianna Gaalswyk

John and Janine Gallian

Gem State Welders

Irene Gibson

John Gibson Memorial Donors

Giltner Trucking

Matthew and Whitney Ginder

Glanbia Foods

Camille Glenn

Tracy Godat

Jeff & Paula Gooding

Wilson and Linda Gray

Travis and Dannelle Green

Ron and Janie Griff

Michael and Vickie Guerry

Jerry and Tami Gunter

Norma Halderson

Rick and Lucy Hall

Cindy Hammons

Jeff and Susan Harris

Ron and Suzy Heath

Kathy Hemmert

High Spirits LLC.

Martin Hoffman

Ray Hoogsteen

Carol and Rodney Hopwood

Trish & Justin Howard

Terry and Nancy Huddleston

Miles & Janie Humphrey

Robin and Kelli Hunsaker


Idaho Episcopal Foundation

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Jim and Sondra Ingalls

Dick and Cindy Jardine

Robert and Arlene Jones

Clark and Debbie Kauffman

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Keegan

Keveren Foundation

Betty Kleinkopf

Steven and Elizabeth Kohtz

Nancy Koonce

John and Louise Koontz

Josh and Lenneal Krieck


Robert and Connie Lancaster

Joan Lancaster

Bob and Rhea Lanting

Jeanne Lappin

Tammy Larson

Charlie and Melody Lenkner

LIVE Foundation Inc.

Lytle Signs, Inc.

Phil and Annie Mabry

Magic Milk Dairy (Brent Funk) 

Ron and Candace Manary

Mason’s Trohpies

Maurice Bowers Trust

JJ and Margorie McBride

Mike and Jan McBride

Norm McGuire

Deborah Mehraban

Floyd and Julia Miller

Scott and Vanessa Miller

Modern Woodmen

Network for Good Donors

Laird and Cathy Noh


Northwest Foam Products

Gerald and Judy Orthel

Ortho Pro

Greg and Mary Lou Panatopoulos

Tara Parsons

Con Paulos Chevrolet

Dustin Pressnall

Primary Therapy Source

Cody and Marni Porath

Greg & Bobbi Pyle

Don and Ruth Rahe

Travis and Heid Reddick

Leon and Virginia Reed

William and Susan Rehwalt

Renea Remaley

Sue Remaley

Dexter and Annick Rogers

June Ross

Scott Rudin

Chris Rynbrand

Samuel R Young Foundation

Dan and Vickie Schab

Rich Schneider

Twig Schutte

Paul Shakstad

Mikkel and Laura Sherry

Michael and Kathleen Shewmaker

Michael and Elaine Shields

Joy Short

Dr. and Mrs. John Schuss

Paula Simerly

Jim and Esther Simpson

Steve and Betty Slifer

Leon and Jan Smith

Beth and Paul Smith

Peggy Smith

Carol Sobotka

Dorris Sommer

Paul Sonnen

Jim Sorensen

Rod and Susan Sorenson

St. Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox                            Christian Church

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Jack and Donna Stalley

Rich and Kathy Stivers

Charles Storm

Terri and Andrew Swensen

Marilyn Swensen

Buck and Kim Syth

Dean and JoAnn Tisdale

Trinity Lutheran Church

Larry and Kathleen Truscott

Twin Falls Country Farm Bureau

Twin Falls Kiwanis

Barbara Urie

Marian Vanderham

Nellie Vanderpoel

George Vandervegt Trust

Bob and Sue Vande Water

Frank and Mary Jane Veenstra

Jewel Vieu

Margaret Vincent

Doug Vollmer

Beau and Rachel Ward

Wasatch Trailer Sales INC

Deskin and Susan Waters

Kirk and Stevia Webb

Jake and Cassie Werner

Michael Werner

Western Waste Services

Diana Whitney

Betsy Wiesmore

Kathy Williams

Wills Toyota

Janet Wood

Max and Jan Yingst

Elly Young

Russ and Marcia Young

Ranch Patrons Who Donated $1000+ 

We would also like to thank the many businesses and individuals who donated items for our auctions, and those who made purchases at our auctions!  Without you, our events wouldn’t have been nearly as successful! 

* If you were inadvertently omitted from this list we apologize, we are so appreciative of all of our donors*

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Make A Tax Deductible Charitable Donation


“When one gives, two get happy.”
― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

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